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Reason : They reproduce by spore production. (a) If both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of the assertion. (b) If both assertion and reason are true but reason is … The dominant, photosynthetic phase in such plants is the free-living gametophyte. This kind of life cycle is termed as haplontic.

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The dominant generation of bryophytes is (mosses, liverworts) because of there dominant gametophytes. All pteridophytes have a true alternation of generations, in which a dominant sporophyte generation produces spores through meiosis , and a free-living gametophyte generation forms gametes (egg and sperm) by mitosis . The dominant generation of a moss is the gametophyte whereas the fern sporophyte generation is dominant; Mosses have separate male and female plants gametophytes, ferns are homosporous with monoecious prothallus; Bryophytes have rhizoids while pteridophytes have hyphae; Ferns can grow bigger and can grow in less damp areas 1. Pteridophytes have true xylem and phloem/vascularity due to the innovation of lignin which is not present in mosses. Although some bryophytes also have conductive tissue such as hydroids and leptoids, these are not lignified and evolved indepen Dominant Generation In Pteridophytes Angiosperms And Gymnosperms What Is Dominant Generation In Plants. back.

The reduction in the number of chromosomes leads to the formation of a new individual in life cycle. In which of the following groups would you place a plant that produces spores, lacks seeds and has … Which is the dominant phase in pteridophytes? - 11841271 vaibhavkhule55 vaibhavkhule55 16.08.2019 Biology Secondary School answered Which is the dominant phase in pteridophytes?

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Gymnosperms Sporophyte is the dominant generation of Gymnosperms. Spores Meaning of Pteridophytes: Pteridophyta (Gr, Pteron = feather, phyton = plant), the name was … 2008-07-31 Pteridophytes show a true Alternation of Generations: There is a systematic feature of alternation of generations in pteridophytes. At the time of sporogenesis (the process of the formation of spore), the reduction division (meiosis) takes place and the haploid spores are formed. This represents the first stage of the gametophyte generation.

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686-692). Bronx dominant trees in Southeast Asian tropical rain forests.

This phase is diploid type. This structure can be distinguished into three parts - foot and seta and capsule. In the capsule, the spore mother cell divides by meiosis division and then gives rise to spores.
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In pteridophytes the dominant generation is sartre jean
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The dominant fish species within the biocanal was. et correc- tions to the list of the Phanerogamae and Pteridophyta of the Fseröes.

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Pteridophytes are the most abundant group of seedless vascular fern plants. Tree ferns grow up to 30 – 40 feet of height. They show heteromorphic alternation of generations and dominant generation is the sporophytic generation. 6.